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Yumu’s perfect presentation may lead one to believe she is a haughty, prissy type. However on the contrary, she is simply reserved and polite in public. Don’t misread her. Initially gentle and assessing situations, Yumu is an extremely confident and self- assured.

She likes to listen and get to know someone, but as soon as she knows a little about their essence, she will use her extremely persuasive feminine wiles to get you n her side. And seduction by this beauty is never unpleasant. A true femme fatale, you will be helpless under the hidden power of this young woman’s allure. But what a lovely way to be lost..! Yumu knows all she needs to know to make your experience not only unforgettable, but tailored perfectly to your unspoken desires.

With a curious, inquiring mind and genuine interest in people, elite escort Dubai Yumu’s company is a true indulgence. She really knows how to pamper someone, and will always go the extra mile to please. An intelligent conversationalist, she seems to gain great satisfaction out of others achieving happiness due to her efforts.

Yumu loves comedy movies, and her favorite food is usually anything she can get! She is a definite foodie, and savours almost every flavor, texture and scent. If you are someone who enjoys the sensuality of watching someone’s lips and mouth as they eat, this luscious-lipped angel is your perfect match.

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